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Cal's Pastoral Epistles
   "Through A Father's Eyes"

                                                                               February 23, 2011

  When Sarah received news that she had been accepted into the Iowa
State University, College of Veterinary Medicine the other day my heart was
overcome with joy. It was the same feeling of exuberance that I felt when
Rachel was on stage dancing her heart out for the United States Tap team
last December. Pride and joy overflowed my soul.
  These are not unfamiliar emotions if you are a parent. We live to see our
children excel and do well. When Becky was accepted in the Teach for
America program and decided to give back by teaching kids in the inner
city, I was the beaming father. She had picked up the values that her
mother and I gave her. She was embodying them in her work.
  Years ago I asked a man nearing his 100th birthday to name his greatest
accomplishment. This man had been around the world. He had served at the
will of the state legislature, He had been actively involved in both politics
and church life. He had done and seen some amazing things in his lifetime.
  He pondered the question for a few moments. Do you know what he
said? "I raised three boys and all of them went to college, married good
woman and made successful lives for themselves. I'm pretty proud of that."
  Every time I think of old attorney George Strouse, I hear his words and
rethink the meaning of success. We do live through our children don't we?
We rejoice over their accomplishments and suffer with them in their trials
and difficulties. It is the nature of being a parent.
  When Jesus called God, "Abba, father" in the scriptures he gave us new
insight into the creator God.  He shared with us another image of God. He
wanted us to understand that God cares deeply about our lives.
  In those words, we began to see God as someone who is deeply
interested in our in our future. Like a good father or mother, God celebrates
our victories. He relishes those moments when we embody his values and
reach out with his love and grace to those in need.
  God also feels our pain when life overwhelms. Even when we bring some
of it on ourselves, God seeks ways to help us find solid ground again. My
favorite story in the Bible is the parable of the prodigal son. It reminds us
that God, like the good father, never stops loving us. I don't know about
you, but that sounds like Good News to me. So don't give up. God loves
you and he thinks the world of you.
  God bless. See you in church.  Cal
Pastor Cal Lord writes these weekly epistles to
help us see God in every day things.
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